Confidential Exclusive Listing – Sold


Update: March 28, 2016 The Gray Gables Estate, and an extraordinary Weddings and Special Events Center centrally located in the Portland area sold last fall. The confidential exclusive listing included the real estate and all trade fixtures used in the business. The new owner leased the property for approximately 18 months and then exercised their purchase option. Many lucrative investment...Read more »

Denali National Park, a Place of Extremes….

Mt McKinley

Cynthia and I just returned from a week up in Alaska, mostly around Denali National Park. Encompassing 6,000,000 acres, roughly the size of Massachusetts, it is one of the largest nature parks on the planet.  It includes most of the Alaska Range with Mt. McKinley(Mt.Denali to Alaskans) being the crown jewel.  Unlike the National Parks in the “lower 48”, there...Read more »

Q3-The new commercial real estate value paradigm?

Costar Building

The long standing value paradigm in this industry has always been “Location, Location, Location”. Perhaps that is beginning to change to “Q3”, a term coined by Stewart Title Chief Economist, Ted Jones in a recent presentation he made in Portland, Oregon here recently. Q3 is shorthand for the new Paradigm, “Location Quality, Property Quality, and Tenant Quality”. Case in point,...Read more »

Is Now The Time to Buy or Refinance Commercial Real Estate?

Upward Trends

Last week Bill Gross, who runs the world’s largest bond fund at Pacific Investment Management Co., sold all government related U.S. debt from PIMCO’s $237 billion Total Return Fund. You may be thinking, “Why is this tidbit of news important to us?” Good question. When someone who is as knowledgeable about the bond market as Mr. Gross decides to get...Read more »

Does How I Take Title to Commercial Real Estate Really Matter?

Document Signing

You have just found the perfect commercial real estate asset to invest in, whether it is an apartment complex, a strip mall, or a building to house your expanding business. As you get ready to write the offer, your broker asks, “How are you going to take title?” The answer to that question is very important for three reasons: Liability...Read more »

The Benefits of Professional Property Management

Financial Docs

The reality is that commercial real estate properties and portfolios that are actively managed not only perform better on an operating basis, but in most cases, they yield more on disposition as well. That said, my question is this: Why is it that so many commercial real estate principals still attempt to manage their own portfolio? While the answers clearly...Read more »